viernes, marzo 21, 2008

Hey, Megumi-chan, you can read this one!

i live right there, in the second spot on the left ;)

Yeah, i'm doing it specially for you, my dear. I want you to read those things i'm thinking at 3:30 a. m.

On one hand, i have to tell you that i PASSED Nihongo Noryoku Shiken 3 kyuu, what i didn't expect it at all! Maybe i should write this post in Japanese, but i don't feel like to, tsukarete iru yo! Now i'm thinking of taking 2kyuu, which is really really difficult. That's why i'm thinking of going to Japan about 6 months- 6 months full of clubbing, karaoke, friends, some class and loads of laught, ne? ;) Therefore, I'm doing some arrangements, as i will need special permission in my company. Will i get it? Who knows, babe. My Japanese teacher says i should get a japanese boyfriend, in order to become more fluent at speaking. Good idea, can you introduce me some japanese good looking single men? Hahaha. Btw, now i can speak much better than when you met me at Warabi ^__^

Today i can't sleep. Well, not only today, i've been some days thinking about my life, you know, God, angels and demons. I even got a book about God in the Bible from a customer who thought i wasn't very religious- in fact i'm not xD Is it a sign? Can't i see the light? Don't worry, even if i see the light i'll run just in the opposite direction, hahaha.

The fact is that i've been ill. It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes i have a huge headache-so huge that i've considered cutting my head off, it'd be much easier to stand the pain, wouldn't it? But now i'm getting better little by little. Too much stress at work and some love matters, bleh, go to hell, men! I'll give you some details in private, just in case he reads my blog xDDD

But among so much crap i had some good times too, for example, i went to Paris two months ago, i've had some good parties, i met good people ^^, i have also spent good time with my family, and... i passed my exam, i can't believe it!

Hey, tomorrow here's full moon ;)

2 comentarios:

megumi dijo...

oh june chan, thanks for the post for me! are you sick? or just you got too much stress?? i really hope your headache will be cured soon... i guess if you come back to japan, you can get at least 'yutaka chan' ;) he is nice and good looking comparing to other jap guys! congraturation for your 3kyu! we didnt use japanese when we talked, so next time, i will only speak japanese for you :) let me know about your love detail by facebook, hehehe

Arrikitukis dijo...

ok, we'll speak in japanese next time :)

Yutaka-kun... i don't think he likes me xD But he's very nice and i hope we could be friends next time :P Is he still living in Warabi with you? He works too much!! hahahaha.

Nice to see you posting in my blog, little japanese girl! kisu kisu ^_^