miércoles, mayo 21, 2008

I'm gonna go back!

Ya sabes que te ailof yu ya te dije que te aimis you, naino naino naaaa... ole! xD

I've been reviewing pics from Japan for a while, reading each comment and laughting. I'm at home on my own, that means i think too much! xD I decided it last year, but every day after I repeated to myself the same sentence: I have to go back.

On one hand, I'm afraid 'cause I'm not gonna find the same people: some of them would have moved off from Mokki's, got married, or whatever- god only knows. On the other hand, if I don't go, I'll regret it forever, every single day of my life óò Besides, Megumi-chan will be there and I really miss her. At least I hope to find Megumi-chan at Japan, otherwise I'll have to look for her anywhere in the Earth, and I'll find you for sure!! ;)

The point is how to get the amount of money enough to survive while studying without selling my body to the science, and how I'm gonna tell my Company "well, I've been thinking it over and I'm going to Japan for six months. Don't worry, I'll be back". But I can't stop planning and planning and I feel I'm going crazy!! So we return to the first point: I'm at home on my own and that means i'm thinking too much xDDD

Moreover, the other day I recieved a mail from Sabry that made me extremely happy, and chatted with Kristoff about how cruel a woman could be - we're trained from childhood, so we can't help it, hahaha ;) But I don't think they'll be there by the time I'll go (If i do, after so many plans xDD).

Nevermind, I only wanted to say that I miss you all. Deep down, I'm quite sentimental :P Nina!!!you have to come to Spain to try the fiesta, pintxos, tapas, and many other things. It's an order, you got it? ;) Megumi-chan, you too!!!! Hey, you all, just drop in some day, ok?

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