sábado, junio 27, 2009

Smellycat Dolls at the backstage

Well, the joke became bigger and bigger and we decided to create our own band... Now we have even a new single and a promo video, hahaha.

our single cover

The promo video:

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Eritreo dijo...

I'm really jealous. That's reealy cool, you have the possibility of live another two years in Japan...
I'm really jealous!!! I said this before???
Now I'm trying to improve my english. I'm going to an english course this month and I'm happy because, though I'm very bad with the english language, I understand when another people speaks in english.
What more can I say? Good luck with the exams!!!
Regards, Eritreo

P.S.: Sorry if I have a lot of mistakes in the test. >,<