lunes, agosto 31, 2009

I can't sleep today

Last time i felt like right now i lived in Japan and i spent 3 hours taking pictures in black and white. I also found a huge cockroach in my room and couldn't sleep in the whole night. Goki-chan, natsukashii ne~! Or was it the next day? I don't remember very well since i didn't sleep very much at that time. It seems it was a thousand of years ago.

The way time goes by it's very particular. Sometimes i feel as if i went through a wormhole while living in Japan- as if the spacetime folded over to make me recall everything so clearly but remained far far in my memories at the same time.

I never write in English because, obviously, it's not my native language and i don't dominate it to express all my feelings in a proper way, and, on the other hand, i think i may not express clearly what i intended to. But i don't care.

I had an overdose of chocolate today, and it's said that chocolate stimulates the brain. So, can my brain be overstimulated? That wouldn't be very good because i'm getting up at 6:15 am tomorrow morning and it's already 2 am. I should head to bed but i don't feel like to. Everything is so dark and quiet at night...

If i feel so happy, why can't i stop crying? I'm bursting like a supernova.

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bbneko dijo...

Animo Arri, cuando la cabeza le da por dar vueltas y recordar es un problema para conciliar el sueño.